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k horse coff


I stumbled across Kicking Horse Coffee in a Utah supermarket. The name and flashy tin caught my eye and had me buying what would be my first of many whole bean purchases. If nothing else, I could put the container to good use.

IMG_1085But the taste and company mission got me hooked.

I like Kick Ass, a dark roast, and Cliff Hanger Espresso, a medium roast. Both are sumptuous and rich. My partner, Steve, says ‘you’re almost adulterating this coffee by adding milk.’

Since its humble start in a British Columbia garage back in 1996, Kicking Horse has grown to be Canada’s top organic and fair trade coffee. It’s good for the planet, good for farmers, good for taste buds. You can buy it in select stores in Canada and the U.S. or online. See purchase options here.

As for the cool container?

I put it to use as a perfect headstall holder. You can, too!

You will need:

  • A Kicking Horse coffee tinIMG_1086
  • A drill with extended drill bit OR a long screwdriver
  • A hammer
  • One nail (as thick as the screw threads)
  • One screw (anything over an inch long will do)
  • Washers (to support screwing the tin into the wall)


Here’s how to do it:

  • With hammer and nail, tap a hole into the middle of the back of the tin, big enough for the screw to get through.
  • Take off lid and place tin on wall where you’d like it to go.
  • IMG_1087With washers around the head of the screw, place the screw in the hole you just made.
  • With drill or screwdriver, screw tin to wall.
  • Replace lid.
  • Hang bridle or bosal.


Thanks, Kicking Horse Coffee, for perking up me and my tack room.











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  1. What an ingenious idea. That is 10 times better than the headstall hangers I have now. That cool coffee tin has me wanting to try a new coffee as well!

  2. very creative idea! It seems that we can use any thing around us to design our life look better. Thanks for nice share! Hope you will still doing well with your job.

  3. Great idea, my next project! Thanks to you, I discovered this coffee in our Natural Grocers store, Logan, Ut. Good coffee!

  4. I recently bought some of their coffee here in NC, sadly it came in a bag, not a can. But what a great idea. I suspect I can find a can that will work.

    • Norma,
      We have cans of Kicking Horse Coffee available at the Best Horse Practices Summit next month in Durango. If we don’t sell out, we can sell you coffee and can. They’re fun! Let me know if you’re interested. Proceeds benefit the Best Horse Practices Summit.

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