Winter Blues? Go Purple

Loving the Full Zip Stella from Kuhl

Daily dresser dilemma for us winter horsewomen:

Pick items of clothing that are warm, work hard, go with most anything, are easily cared for, and look great when you’re finished with the horses and need to head to town.

  • Sweatshirts are sloppy.
  • Jean jackets and canvas shirts aren’t warm.
  • Sweaters tend not to breathe.

Enter the Full Zip Stella from Kuhl.

We tried the rich, textured purple (“Concord”) Stella for several weeks this winter when temperatures ranged from 10 below to 50 degrees. It’s an ideal, fuss-free layer that can fancy up any barn outfit and bring sophistication to your appearance in town.

Zipper pulls can be fun

Kuhl has created Alfpaca Gold fleece which is denser and warmer than other fleeces we’ve reviewed. Think boiled wool without the breathless price tag or hassle of delicate laundering.

The most distinctive feature?

  • It’s dynamic, vertical lines and feminine cut.

The funnest features?

  • Stylish, easy-to-grab, Kuhl-branded zipper
  • Thumb loops at the cuffs.

In the coming weeks, Cayuse Communications will feature additional reviews of warm, functional, and stylish items from  this outdoor clothing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coming up, we’ll review:

Women’s Firekrakr Hoody

Men’s Lined Burr Jacket

Men’s Rydr Pants

Recently, Kuhl visited and dedicated gear and support to Heroes and Horses, a Montana non-profit that works with veterans and horses. (Coincidentally, Best Horse Practices Summit host West Taylor is starting mustangs for the organization.)

Read more about that here.

Full Zip Stella from Kuhl

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