My family owned horses for many years and I guess you could say I grew up on horses. We had our horses at our home and could ride whenever I pleased. I would ride my old mare in flip flops and a halter and lead line more times than actually using tack. I never wore a helmet, I felt like I didn’t need to because she was safe. I trusted her to the end and never was bucked or fell off.

Fast forward to a couple years ago (I am now 27), I will never forget the day I started to religiously wear my helmet, a Troxel of course. I currently have a gelding, and like my mare, always rode without a helmet. Well, some thing was different that day. I don’t know why, but I wore my helmet for our ride. Everything was going just fine, a normal, enjoyable ride. Then it happened. He spooked, and not his usual little hop, but a spook that sent me flying, and unable to hold on. I came down on the ground, landing on my shoulder and the force made me hit my head. I know that the helmet saved me. The impact was softened by my Troxel and I walked away with a sore shoulder instead of a concussion and worse.
To this day, I wear my helmet for every ride. In full tack, or halter and lead because even the most trusted of horses can have accidents. I don’t know why I wore it that day, but I am so thankful I did. It is a lesson I can share with others to help them know how important it is to be safe. Thank you for reading.

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