Live simply. Include Horses.

12Ali Brock was recently featured as a guest columnist with her whimsical House Swap.
Recently, we talked about her horses, motherhood and her over-arching approach to life. You may find points of agreement and inspiration here. After all, horse care can have a ripple effect for many of us, impacting the way we look at bigger issues and choices. Live simply, for example.

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Ali writes:

I basically think of myself as a modern day Laura Ingalls Wilder. I loved her writings as a child and would read and reread all her Little House books. I think that so many children and parents nowadays are so out of touch with animals, nature, dirt, farming and just good old-fashioned outdoor play.
little2It is very important to me that I raise my kids with nature as the main focus and having old-fashioned values and manners (that are dying off today).
No video games allowed on this property. To me they are so destructive in so many ways and suck the simplicity and wonder out of kids’ lives. Our motto is: Get outside and explore all the amazing and natural things around us.
Nothing more fun and simple then that. And as you know it also builds lots of responsibility with kids when they care for livestock.
I noticed a huge difference in the kids’ attitudes and manners when I lived and worked out in Wyoming on a big ranch. The ranch kids were so mature, responsible, kind, hard-working. I always said that is how I would want my kids if ever I had any.
littleNow I do and I am trying my best to raise them up that way.  With daily life on our small farm, love seeing it through my two kids eyes. So cool.

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