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This week, we’re thrilled to hear from Jacky Davies, a Best Horse Practices Summit attendee and Cayuse Communications reader. Last year, Jacky moved from Alberta, Canada, to Norfolk, England.

In England, there have been approximately 37,000 deaths and over a quarter million confirmed cases of Covid19.

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Here, she shares additional thoughts.

Jacky writes:

We found our own piece of heaven in Norfolk, which is in the microclimate East of England where the sun always shines. I jest, but only a little. It was the climate (and only the climate) that prompted us to move from Alberta.

Lockdown here has been about nature:

We live in a beautiful, rural part of the world, in which I can walk the dogs, ride a horse (sensibly – not wishing to be part of any strain on our National Health System), and learn to garden.

It’s also been about:

  • Kindness. Every single person I see on the lanes smiles at me. We wish each other well. We do the two-meter dance around each other. People stop and wait for my horse to consider their vehicle. They admire my dogs. They talk about the local birds.
  • Eating locally. We have a vegetable box delivered each week packed full of local seasonal vegetables. I do not believe I have eaten better in my entire life.
  • Slowdown. Every day for 40 days I took a photo of an oak tree and posted it on Instagram. We all watched nature uncurl together.
  • Communications. Zoom, Facebook, the internet brings the world together. I have connected with friends in Canada, Spain, Germany, the U.S., and the UK. I have posted my gardening questions on Facebook and have had help from long-lost and much-loved friends and relatives on “what to do with this plant”.
  • Getting to know my teenager all over again as I support him doing his amazing home-schooling thing.
  • Eating in. My husband and I take turns to cook, and we have gotten better and better at it. Fresh ingredients. Time to enjoy the food. Meals we look forward to. Who needs to go out?!
  • Flights of beer can be done at home, too (see photo). We had a sampling session of some local beers delivered from our local brewery. That was fun!
  • Neighbors. We talk in the lane. We WhatsApp. We look out for each other. People appreciate people. That’s what we always have done, but now it feels extra special.

    Discovering and enjoying local flights of beer

  • Slowdown with the horses. My horses are new to me. Like all good horse owners, I know: Slow is good. Patience is great. Good things come to those who wait. But am I great at following this wisdom? The heck I’m not. Lockdown has meant: No frequent lessons that make me make my horse perform.
  • No trips to explore new places whilst kidding myself that we (horses and I) are ready for that.
  • All the time in the world to stop and listen and learn from my horse. Paying attention to the quiet voice in my head. Because I will not be that person who burdens the health system by getting hurt and ending up in hospital with a riding injury.
  • Realizations: Our seniors are vulnerable. The world needs help. We can help each other. There is SO much good in the world.

Now, I must finish dinner (It’s my turn to cook today).

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  1. Sounds like you are having a lovely time adjusting to pandemic lockdown. Keep up the good vibes and positive attitude!

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