Looking forward and back

2013 was a heckuva year for NickerNews and BestHorsePractices.

header_home_02It started last winter with a bang. Two bangs, actually.

The first came with NickerNews’ nomination for Best Blog in the Equestrian Social Media Awards. The ESMAs featured an international field with most bloggers commercially backed. We advanced as finalists and were thrilled to compete, excited that our supportive fans brought attention to NickerNews on a global stage.

The second bang came with the debut of BestHorsePractices. The new site offers reviews of research as well as goods and services. We call out those using sketchy science or bhp logononsensical practices. BHP applauds those using sense and science to improve the lives of horses.

Popular articles included features on blanketing, rider weight, Lyme disease, acupuncture, feel, and the NAS study on mustang policy.

But as the saying goes: There’s nothing more certain than change.

After five years of free newsletters, this year, we’re moving to paid subscriptions. For the price of a sandwich, you can continue to enjoy all NickerNews and BestHorsePractices has to offer, including popular stories like our interview series with Unbranded, trail riding adventures, training reports and links to newsworthy topics.

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westChange occurred on a personal level, too.

I continued a westward trek that started with a 2011 idea, followed by a 2012 move from Maine to Iowa. Steve Peters and I moved with my sons, horses, dogs, and cat to Utah where we now live next to public wilderness land.

Thanks again for your fantastic, continued support.

Happy trails and stay in touch. I love hearing from you. Click here to contact.

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