Man, Horse, Deer

Can you see the deer in this top image? Scroll down for a closer look!

Ah, Deer Season.

In Maine, deer hunters hang out in the thick woods. They can use rifles and the gun season runs the length of November, more or less. It’s nutty, but pretty straightforward. Read more about Deer Hunting in Maine
It’s different in Iowa. There aren’t many woods and hunters can’t use rifles. The season is scattered, with several days now and more days in January. (Bow hunting in both states has a lengthy season.)
In Iowa, it’s ok to get together as a group and push deer towards hunting partners in hiding. It’s common to see these hunting parties of six to eight, gathered around quads and pickups, talking strategy.
I have nothing against deer hunting.

Ok, I have something against the knucklehead that hunted right behind the house last year without my permission. And I have something against the hunter who shot our dog when I was a kid. And it can be unnerving as heck to ride during deer season. Some friends avoid it altogether.

Grudges notwithstanding, I like to adopt the “Can We All Get Along?” approach. We all like the outdoors, so let’s just chill.
Yesterday was the last day of the shotgun season ‘til January and Peppermint and I headed out for a short jaunt. A few days ago, I saw two guys gutting their kill right there on the shoulder of our road. Coyotes, buzzards, and other scavengers must have already cleaned up the entrails.

We spotted a big deer in the gully. It saw us and stood unmoving, frozen and attentive. I watched long enough to snap a few images, then moved on quickly. More hunters drove passed us. They gathered on the county road, a half-mile away.

The sun went down soon after.
I can hear Barry Manilow singing, “Looks Like We Made It.”

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