About 15 years ago my Dad was out mountain biking on the dirt roads of his small town in Colorado. Mom & I were out for a walk and we came around a bend in the road and Dad was walking his bike towards us and was clearly in distress.  He was ah-helmetfumbling with words and confused about what happened – it was almost like he was sleep walking.
He had wiped out on his bike and hit his head on a rock. His bike helmet saved his life.

He recovered fully from his concussion but it made me realize that as an equestrian my risks are even greater than those of a biker. Horses have their own will and can spook or even trip at any time. A fall from a horse could be far more catastrophic than a fall from a bike.

The memory of my Dad’s bike accident always reminds me to put my helmet on anytime I get on a horse.

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  1. I ended up with a concussion when my horse slipped and fell on his side, and I had a helmet on at the time. So glad I did as my leg injury ended up being worse than my head injury.

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