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By year’s end, the Cayuse Communications library will triple in size. We’re adding children’s books and an entertaining mystery series to our offerings.

Rest assured – more horse-related non-fiction volumes are in development!

First, check out Where’s Hope? The Adventures of Lily Brook Farm, a children’s book with text and design by Jean Cousins and images by Nina Fuller.

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The story is charming; the photos are rich and warm. It’s rare for a children’s book to feature photography (most are illustrated), but Jean has done a masterful job blending text and images. And, indeed, Nina’s photos look like paintings.


It’s starting to snow at Lily Brook Farm, and the oldest and wisest sheep named Hope is missing. The barnyard animals begin to worry and wonder what they will do without Hope. Together, they go in search of Hope. Follow them as they look high and low. Will they ever find Hope?

Nina, a past guest columnist for NickerNews, owns and operates Lily Brook Farm in Hollis, Maine. She is a shepherdess and, of course, an accomplished photographer. She has a masters in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Equine Assisted Mental Health and Photography Therapy from Prescott College. It’s a path of study that she uses to help therapy visitors at the farm.

Jean lives and works as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and author in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She has won numerous design awards during her 15 years with Central Maine Newspapers. Her freelance career has spanned more than 23 years.

Mark Stevens

Next, check out the entire Alison Coil mystery series, by Mark Stevens, now available in the Cayuse library. All five books, which feature a Colorado horsewoman as the lead character, are now available in our library.

We wrote about the award-winning author, Mark Stevens, here.

The series follows Coil as she explores the Flat Top Wilderness, evades malicious hunters, outrides wildfires, and helps solve complicated murders.

Check out (in chronological order):

Antler Dust

Buried by the Roan

Trapline, Colorado Book Award for Best Mystery winner

Lake of Fire

Melancholy Howl

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