Nicker More, Buck Less Bottles are here!

Most readers know that NickerNews is not big on promotions. But we do stand behind what we like and what makes sense: bottlestreating horses like horses, laying a good foundation before trying bigger challenges, and being a lifelong learner.

How about staying hydrated and using Made in USA water bottles?

Starting this month, NickerNews is proud to offer our own custom-designed Liberty Bottles!

The folks in Union Gap, Washington helped us design two super-fantastic offerings. Both feature our trademarked logo: Nicker More, Buck Less. The bottles are made of recycled aluminum and are BPA free. Read more about why these bottles beat all.

Liberty offered us a great price that we are passing on to our readers. Buy one for $19 or two for $35 (plus shipping). And, yes, we send internationally!

There’s a limited supply. Order yours before heading out on those lovely, long trail rides. Click here to purchase (scroll down for bottles).

Here’s a closer look at the two bottle designs:

bottle1 bottle2

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