Nicker Review: Patagonia Silent Down Jacket

Amy Skinner and her dog, Pearl

Amy Skinner lends a hand with this review of Patagonia’s Silent Down Jacket, made of stretchy recycled polyester shell and 100 percent recycled down.

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Skinner writes:

Winter in North Carolina is supposed to be mild, they say. Hardly any bad weather, they say!

This being my third winter here, I find that Southerners seem to possess both a rosy outlook about seasons and a short memory. In any given winter week here, I may need a light sweater, a coat, or thermal gear.

Fortunately, Patagonia’s Silent Down Jacket fits the bill for all weather. On a 50-degree day, it’s comfortable over a t-shirt and is breathable while still being warm. On those 7-degree days with a foot of snow, or when hell freezes over, the coat is perfectly snug with a sweater and thermal shirt layered underneath.

Patagonia Silent Down Jacket, with recycled down

The Silent Down is lightweight – just 20 ounces – which is a huge plus for those of us moving around and working. It’s loud yellow color prevents one from getting lost in a snow drift, or can double as near-reflective wear  if you need to change a tire on the highway.

My favorite part about this coat is the snap pockets, which prevent hay from getting trapped inside. There’s a zippered inside pocket, too.

Every horse person has a barn coat with pockets full of hay that prevents us from entering the homes of friends and non-horse loved ones without mostly disrobing in the yard. Also, this jacket’s outer fabric prevents hay from sticking to it, zips up all the way to the chin for extra toastiness, packs up into a tiny little cube for easy packing, and weighs practically nothing. Two thumbs up!

Check out our NickerReview page

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