NickerNews & Redmond Equine

Several years ago, I bumped into the Redmond Equine folks at the Equine Affaire.

The folks at their booth suggested I taste regular table salt and then try their Utah salt.

Until that moment, I always thought Salt is Salt.

But it isn’t. The white, industrial salt I was so used to sprinkling on my food tasted bland and metallic compared to Redmond salt.

And when I brought it home to my horses, they loved it.

Turns out Redmond Rock thinks NickerNews is pretty cool, too. Beginning this year, we’ve formed a partnership.

Writes Redmond’s Mike Mumford:

“We resonate with NickerNews’ goals to ‘educate, encourage, and enlighten visitors as to the compassionate care of horses, and, by extension, all animals.’

We at Redmond really like doing what is best for our companions in the most natural way…our belief is “When it comes to your horse’s health, we believe nature has it right.”
Our Mission, Redmond Equine Minerals helps you make the most of the relationship you have with your horse by providing valuable trace minerals he needs to live a more healthy, balanced life seems to resonate with NickerNews’ balanced, sensible, practical suggestions of horse ownership and care.

We also talk to the same demographics – a strong group of mature, educated, interested men and women who are open minded, loving life and unwilling to slow down.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with Nickernews and hope we can grow our businesses together for the benefit of horses and their passionate owners.”

Thanks, Redmond Rock!

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