Nicker Review: Toad&Co Cold Spring Pullover

We hear from Katrin Silva, horsewoman and ultrarunner extraordinaire. She reviews the Cold Spring Pullover from Toad&Co:

After running 20 miles in cold and windy conditions, I normally throw on an old, grey sweatshirt and yoga pants. I thought nothing could beat changing out of a damp, clammy gear for that familiar cocoon of dry, soft cotton. Until now. The Cold Spring pullover has upgraded my post-run routine and become one of my most functional, versatile pieces of clothing.

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Made of organic cotton and recycled polyester,  its fabric feels luxurious. The oversized collar provides extra warmth. While it may not be as warm as it looks, the somewhat relaxed fit allows for a base layer underneath it. I love the draw string in the collar as it allows me to manage heat retention around my neck.

It’s ideal to wear while stretching, refueling, and recovering after a hard workout. Just as cozy as my old sweatshirt, but way more functional and flattering. I can even leave the house with it; the top pairs very well with my favorite skinny jeans and ankle boots.

The color is a serene shade of blue that makes me happy every time I look at it and goes with anything else in my closet, no planning required. The front pockets come in handy for all sorts of occasions, like warming cold hands or watching sad movies (spacious enough to hold plenty of tissues for the duration of Bohemian Rhapsody).

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Silva relaxes in the Cold Spring Pullover by Toad&Co

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