ah-helmetI would love to have a helmet because I love to ride horses. I would also love to have a helmet to protect my head if I ever fell off or got slung off. My name is Paityn Roberts and I am 11 years old. I need the helmet more now because I am learning to canter and it makes me feel safer. This way my grandma won’t worry so much if I take off and ride.

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  1. Paityn has my vote!!! She loves to ride horses. With school being out for the summer she will be riding a lot more. The helmet provides the protection against head trauma. As we all know, horses can be trained very well but they can still be unpredictable at times. As Paityn becomes a more experienced rider and is now learning to canter, the helmet will help her feel more comfortable and safe as she furthers her training. I am her Nana and it would also comfort me to know she has this helmet to protect her from head trauma. Thanks.

  2. Paityn is becoming such a confident little rider– it would be great for her to have her own stylish helmet!

  3. Everyone needs to wear a helmet that fits properly. If you don’t win the contest, hopefully you can earn enough money to go purchase one that fits you well. Good luck!

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