Ride Along Dog Progress

If we got another dog, we wanted a Ride Along Dog. Thus, the summer acquisition of Kip, an Australian Shepherd from a litter of eight down the road.
Kip’s growing up and at six months can outrun nearly everyone here at the farm. Her speed and wiliness mean I feel more and more comfortable about walking in the pasture amongst the herd with her.

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The horses interested, especially Jodi. The new girl would like to move Kip.
Kip would like to move Jodi. And anything else for that matter. She’s growing into her form and breed instincts, less intimidated and more curious by the day.


That’s another element that makes pasture walks doable. When horses get lively or come barreling towards the paddock for hay, Kip now knows the new command, “Out!”

Photo below shows Kip, after “out.” She’s scooted outside the paddock and waits for the next move. Or a treat, perhaps?

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