Saddlemaker, Silversmith, Cyclist?

HARDWARECOLLAGEThe world has its Sticks in the Mud. Discovery and personal growth? They might occasionally embrace a longer haircut or different flavor of ice cream.

And then there are NickerNews favs, people pushing their individual envelopes, open-minded learnaholics who crave new experiences.

watt3Jeremiah Watt, a renowned silver smith and saddlemaker, is one of those folks. For decades, Jeremiah has lived with his lovely wife, Colleen, on ranches in Montana, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and most recently, California. They have two college-age children.

Watt’s craftsmanship is distinctive, attractive, and enduring. Check out his wares here.

But this year, starting in May, the 57-year old set down his tools and headed east. Way east. Starting in China, Watt is traveling the world by bike. It’s a 10-month adventure for which he started watt1planning a few years ago.

The goal? “…To meet people of different regions and cultures. To share in their lives and, if they’re interested, to share in ours” according to his blog.

Thankfully, Watt is letting us relative loafers enjoy his travels by documenting with wonderful humor, anecdotes, and fantastic images. He’s eaten bugs in Chinese street markets, dealt with Russia border officials, unintentionally discovered mine fields, slept in cemeteries, and editorialized on European coffee. Thus far, he’s biked through parts of China, Mongolia, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia, Crotia, and Italy. (I may have missed a country or two!) Several family members have joined him for stints. In some months, he will fly to the East Coast and cycle across the States.

Thank you so much, Jeremiah, for opening our eyes to your discoveries and reminding us that that the world is out there to explore. One just has to embrace the notion, plan, prepare, and step out the door.

Check out his travels here.


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