Cuddly Wool Sweater Hits the Mark

New mom, Amy Skinner, loves the Telluride Sherpa

We sent the Telluride Sherpa Pullover by Toad&Co to horsewoman Amy Skinner in North Carolina. It’s partially made of recycled wool (processed in Italy, without chemicals), giving it warmth without itchy-ness.

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Amy writes:

This cozy sweater is a new daily staple for me. I don’t know how I lived without it. It is warm, woolly, and cuddly, without being heavy or itchy. It’s long enough that it doesn’t ride up under a coat and expose your poor, frozen plumber’s crack while you are bending over to pick a hoof, but still manages not to look like the sweater you stole from your husband’s closet.

The front kangaroo pocket is an absolute hay magnet, but this is the price we horse owners pay (And it’s why, for the most part, us horse owners can’t have nice things.) But when the Sherpa Pullover pocket isn’t stuffed with hay, it does indeed make a great place to warm your hands.

The Telluride Sherpa accommodates a bulky scarf under it easily, or it zips up to keep your neck warm. I probably wouldn’t wear this to a sit-down dinner, but with the cold dark days, I was just planning on curling up on the couch anyway.

This comfy wool sweater gets a Thumbs Up from me.

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