Starting Jodi

With this improved blog, comes categorization and today we introduce a new one: Starting Jodi. (see categories listed above image)

NickerNews readers have come to know the horses in my life. The newest is Jodi. We acquired her in July from a kind Wisconsin owner.
Jodi is a four-year old quarterhorse type. Conformation-wise, she’s a tank. She has decent manners and came to us pretty much halter broke. We’re challenged by bringing her knowledge and training in line with her impressive size and strength.
The Starting Jodi category (indicated by the thumbnail image of the journal I’m keeping) will allow readers to follow the progress as we work with the young mare from introduction to herdmates, to trailer-loading, to saddling, and riding.
You can read initial posts entering “Jodi” into the search of the old blog by clicking here.

When Jodi first came to us, she landed firmly at the bottom of the herd.
Peppermint, in particular, let the new girl know exactly where she belonged. Here’s Pep being particularly adamant with her message. [See top photo.]
But Jodi has worked her way to the top. Or at least close to it. When hay is tossed, Jodi gets second dibs, after Brooke. I’m no expert at herd dynamics, but I have to think that it’s a combination of naivety, confidence, and brute force that got her to where she is now.
She seems to say:
Hey, happy to be here! But tell me to move I’ll kick your butt! [See bottom photo.]

She used to say that with horses and humans alike. Now she just says it to her herdmates.
Jodi and Pep

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