Summertime: Tanks Rule

Patagonia’s Mindflow Tank

I live in Colorado, ride Western, and often help ranchers with cattle. Purists here say that even in the heat, long sleeves must be worn.

I am not a purist. Some might call me a Redneck Rider.

Redneck Riders are passionate about many things. Heeling to convention ain’t one of them. We love our horses, dogs, and a good time. We have hearts the size of melons and street smarts that serve us better than any fashion dictate, etiquette course, or college degree.

When it comes to gear and apparel, Redneck Riders care most about:

  • Usefulness
  • Comfort
  • Functionality
  • Whatever lends itself to a good time on the trail and in town (because Redneck Riders do not change out from one outing to the next).

Some fashion statements of exemplary Redneck Riders:

— Ball cap

— Jeans (probably ripped from barbed wire)

— Tank tops

When temperatures head over 80 degrees or so, I live in tank tops. Lately, there are scores to choose from. Here are several worth considering. You’ll note that some are made of hemp. Hemp is increasingly popular for its many uses, from CBD oil to clothing. Just this week, the US Senate voted unanimously to adopt legislation to recognize the important economic potential of industrial hemp. You can read about Dr. Petra Sullwold and her thoughts on CBD oil, a hemp product here. And you can look forward to checking out Patagonia’s hemp-based WorkWear at the Best Horse Practices Summit.

Kuhl’s Nora tank is easy and breezy

Try these Tanks:

Patagonia’s Mindflow Tank, made from hemp and recycled polyester, is a low-to-medium impact bra and tank top all in one. This combo makes is fun and easy; there is no bra-strap-showing! stress, despite its racer back.

Of all the tanks, the Mindflow is by far the coolest in breathability and concept.

Jungmaven, a company founded in the Pacific Northwest with principles of sustainability and simplicity, makes its tanks in the United States from 55 percent hemp and 45 percent organic cotton. We liked the unisex Striped Tank Top in red and black as well as the women’s Muscle Tee. The Striped Tank Top’s larger armholes allowed for freedom of movement but also bra exposure.

Kuhl’s Nora is a prettier version of a standard tank. It’s casual but trimmed in a feminine way that ranks it higher than your standard knit tank top. I cleared brush, worked with horses, and was plenty grubby when I finally headed to town for errands. The Nora still got a compliment.

Of all the tanks, Kuhl’s Adalina tank was my favorite. The knit is tough. The cut is ladylike (with a high waist and a stylish back twist). And its functionality is supreme. A lot of women seem to think so. Kuhl has sold out, but we found it here.

Enjoy summer and stay cool!

Kuhl’s Adalina tank



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