The Black Velvet Lid

We received scores of comments from the Helmet article written by Dr. Steve Peters. Here’s one from Barb Thuerk:


I read with interest the article on helmets.  I come from the hunter/jumper world and the only time we wore our helmets was for jumping.  And we did that without fail. 

For years and years, I rode without a helmet and just plopped my beloved cowboy hat on my head.  One day, my trail friends, who all wore helmets, told me I had two weeks to get a helmet or they would not ride with me!

helTalk about serving up an ultimatum. Well, I gave in.

My wonderful trail horse passed on four years ago and now I never get on any horse without my helmet.  I admit, that I had to go the traditional route, with the black velvet cover, to be comfortable.  The sales lady told me that many folks my age opt for that look because like me they fox hunted or horse-showed with that look forever.  Does not matter. The head is protected and that is what we are after. 

Like Steve, I still use my cowboy hat collection to its fullest, doing chores, and even when I’m judging hunters and jumpers.  

And let’s not forget our tough rodeo riders: more and more of them are wearing helmets. What a great example they are!!
Thanks for the article! Keep up the good work.

Barb Thuerk

To note: Barb, age 68, is still a very active rider. She writes: Can’t retire at this age – all that surgery and physical therapy would have been a waste!  Keeps the brain clear and all body parts mobile.  All we can do is try. Once you become that couch potato, everything turns to mush. Slower and less flexible is still better than mush.

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