Tough Filipino Horses Need Your Help

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Utah horse vet Dr. Kate Schoenhals sent this report from the Philippines where she worked with the International Veterinary Outreach:

We did our first two trips this year and our hoping to continue building and developing over the next few years. 

I’m headed back in March, 2018.

Photo by Kim Ruelo

These are the saltiest toughest horses I’ve ever come across! They are dead broke to ride but completely confused if you try to brush them, pick up their feet, put a weight tape around their chest. It’s a whole different relationship than our American horses. You’d find it fascinating to interact with them, I’m sure.

When the horses don’t want to participate in a physical exam or injection, their owners first answer is to jump on their back (and sometimes double ear twitch – trying to lessen this habit). I’d could go on and on…

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Support International Veterinary Outreach here.

Photo by Kim Ruelo

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