Toughest Winter Warrior wins Muck Boots

more-snow-500x281It may be a Worst Ever Winter, but for Muck Boot wearers, it’s a bit less painful: “At least my feet stay warm and dry,” they say.

Who among you has it worst?

In this record-breaking season, we’re rewarding one lucky, tough reader with a new pair of Reign Muck Boots!

To Enter:

Participants must email to [email protected] or Facebook message us a picture (and comments) of their tough winter. Visit our Facebook page here.mucky

  • How big are your snow banks?
  • How frozen are your and your horses’ eyelashes?
  • How treacherous is your path to the muck pile?
  • How snow-swamped is your barn?

We will accept entries through Friday, February 27.

To Vote:

We’ll post all the entries in a Facebook album and here on NickerNews and BestHorsePractices. Beginning Monday and ending Wednesday (March 2-4), vote for your favorite. Share the contest and encourage your friends to vote, too!  Click here for our facebook page. (Not on facebook? We’ll share it through blog posts, too.)mck

Winner announced Thursday, March 5.

Our own Emily Thomas Luciano, marketing director for Cayuse Crest Communications, talks about her pair of Muck Boot Reign:

I’ve never had a pair of boots that were totally worthy of all-day wear, until now. From slipping them on to feed first thing in the morning to tromp through the Florida mud and muck, to hosing them off later in the day so I can head to the grocery store, they’re the perfect boots!

When I say I put them on first thing in the morning, I mean literally. Here’s my 6:30 a.m. look, complete with PJ’s and my Muck Boots.

While all Muck Boots are waterproof and easily cleaned, the differentiating factor for me is that the Reigns are totally stylish! So stylish, in fact, that I don’t feel limited to wearing them just with my barn/chore/errand clothes. Throw ’em on with a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater and head to the movies!

Heel spur makes kicking off easy.

Heel spur makes kicking off easy.

I have yet to ride in these boots, but I imagine they’d work well in that regard, too. They have a smooth enough sole with a nice, block roper heel.

I’m so excited that one lucky NickerNews & BestHorsePractices reader will get a pair!

I’ll second that and add a note about two other features to admire, especially in cold weather:

  • Pull tab at the top of the boot makes them easy to get on, even with gloves.
  • Heel spur makes them makes them easy to kick off.
Easily grabbable pull tab

Easily grabbable pull tab

Here’s what Muck Boot has to say about the Reign:

Designed as an all-purpose equestrian boot that can be worn seamlessly from mucking out the stalls to a night out with friends. Built for women in mind on a sleek, stylish silhouette, the Reign provides the ultimate fit, comfort, and protection. And, as always with Muck, the boot is 100% waterproof, lightweight, and flexible.
Unique XpressCool lining keeps feet cool in warm weather, perfect for that warm day spent mucking around the barn. Available in sizes 5-11, the Reign comes in black and brown, or with accents of purple or hot pink.

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  1. I’ve loved every muck boot I’ve ever purchased! I’ve bought boots and garden shoes–three pair of those!! I love that they are so comfortable, I wear them ALL day!!!! Love me some MUCK!

  2. I own 3 horses 2 goats 24 chickens. Our current snow fall is 36″
    I also pet sit and currently have 3 seperate barns. I can not find a pair of boots that keep my feet warm or dry.

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