Wear your heart on your sleeve

erideonpileOr wrist.

I recently discovered MudLOVE, this cool little company based in nearby Indiana. They make nifty ceramic bands with simple sayings. What’s more, they give a full 20 percent of all sales to help folks in Africa get clean water. NickerNews has the custom-made ‘Nicker More’ band, fresh out of the kiln!

MudLOVE is a faith-based operation that’s grown quickly since opening a few years ago.

You can get a FREE MudLOVE band with any donation of 12 bucks or more!

Click here to donate.

Then click here to let me know which band you’d like, “Ride on.” OR “Nicker More.” Each come with purple, turquoise, or navy blue bands, so if you’re picky about band color, indicate your preference. We’ll get it right out to you.



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