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Copy_of_Grass_800x1121_largeWe welcome back advertising partners Morton Real Estate, Hay Balancer, Spalding Labs and Renegade Hoof Boots.


Morton offers premier real estate services in southern Maine. Check out this lovely Woolwich property, woolwichready for you and your horses. Need to sell and horse property? Morton can custom fit the process to highlight its best features.

Hay Balancer is a young company offering veterinarian-developed products to fill in your horses’ nutritional needs.

The Hay Balancer folks are so sure you and your horses will dig it, they’re offering a 30-day free trial. Click here.

The Utah company recently revamped its website. It flows beautifully with videos, testimonials, and plenty of educational pages on equine nutritional requirements. Check it out.

Spalding Labs, based in Reno, Nevada, helps horse owners and others combat the less savory issues of barn and paddock: flies 1464.just_2D00_what_2D00_are_2D00_fly_2D00_predatorsand stink. We’ve been big fans of Fly Predators for years. The tiny flies make summer exponentially more enjoyable by attacking the larger, pesky flies before they’re even flying. The regular deliveries of predator flies saves time, effort, and gives us a sense of well being, knowing that we’re vastly reducing our farm’s chemical use.

back-page-header-750x170If dog control were fly suppression, Fly Predators would be Invisible Fencing. Remember, though, it’s best to start Fly Predators before fly season. Order yours today!

Renegade Hoof Boots have outperformed and outlasted the competition in the rugged Oquirrh Mountains of Utah and beyond. They stay on in mud, resist wear over rocky ledges, and the good folks at Renegade have outstanding customer service. On the rare chance your boot needs repair, they will be there to guide you through the fix. No charge!

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