Welcome Fly Predators & Renegade Hoof Boots

This week, we welcome two new businesses into the Cayuse Crest Communications advertising family!
Spalding Labs has a well-earned and established reputation for effective fly control with smart, science-based methods. All without Spalding-Fly-Predatorschemicals.

What’s the key?
Wee little flies that tackle the bigger, pesky ones.
I talked with founder Tom Spalding this week. He explained:
“The species in Fly Predators are found everywhere in North America.  We are not introducing a new species, just increasing the quantity of them slightly, causing the pest fly population to dramatically decline.  Customers never notice the Fly Predators they have as our little bugs stay near manure areas and are one ninth the size of a fly.”

Read more here.

renegades-made-in-the-usaRenegade Hoof Boots, based in Arizona, have been outfitting endurance riders and serious trail riders for years. In our opinion, they are the best boots available. More durable than Easy Boots and with better customer service, too. Easy Boots are made in China. Renegade boots are made right here in the U.S.A.
Give them a call (888) 817-4794 or visit them here. Tell ’em NickerNews sent you!

Also, a hearty “Welcome Back!” to renewing advertisers: Western Sky Saddlery, Braids by Britt, Morton Real Estate, and Back Cove Equine.
Did you know?
Western Sky Saddlery, based in Alberta, Canada, has an incredible inventory of Wade saddles and often beats American dealers. Discover more here.
Morton Real Estate has another gorgeous horse-friendly listing. Check it out here.
Braids by Britt creates lovely, custom jewelry with your horses’ mane hair. Check out her talents here.
— Dr. Rachel Flaherty of Back Cove Equine is ready to answer all your equine concerns. Read more about Flaherty and her greater Portland practice here.

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