Welcome Rose & Sagebrush

I want to welcome two friends, Kimber Bogue Black and Sandy Black, to the blogosphere.
The ranch ladies have started up Roses and Sagebrush.

Way to go, gals!

They nominated me for a blog award and had a few questions.

sheaWhy did you start blogging?

To write, share opinion and highlight the do-gooders in the industry – just a few of many reasons.

What is your favorite sporting event?

I love watching any horse event where the connection between horse and rider is highlighted.
Otherwise, I’ll watch anything my sons do (soccer, tennis, white water kayaking, running).

Were you raised on a ranch?

I was raised in Maine where we have “farms” instead of “ranches.” My family was super active with camping, hiking, skiing, etc. From age 12, I worked in exchange for riding privileges. I rode trail horses, big hunter-jumpers, and polo ponies. I learned wilderness skills from trips in Maine and out west. I learned carpentry skills from jobs with several contractors.

Name one thing on your bucket list you plan to do in the next year?wylie-coyote

I’m naming two, please! Ride with Randy Rieman and horsepack with Kyla Pollard

Do you like Roses or Sagebrush?


What size is your purse?

Small. To prevent me from carrying around too much garbage.

Are you a planner or do you fly by the seat of your pants?wrangler

Both! Love making lists and then deviating from them!

If you were a cartoon character who would you be?

Wylie Coyote.
And, though not cartoon characters, I always loved Annie Oakley and Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island

Do Wrangler butts drive you nuts?

Oh, yeah.

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