John Moore Moves On

This week, we heard from John Moore, a Colorado horseman who spends months teaching in Sweden. He wrote this note to fans, followers, friends: I’ve been counting the years since I first began touring overseas to make the bulk of my living, and it adds […]

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  • What to Wear in a Storm

    In the little canyon where I live, eighteen inches of snow fell this weekend. As often happens with us horse owners, the storm doubled my work time, mostly in the form of shoveling. Snowy winters mean everything takes longer; tossing hay to the horses is […]

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  • Amy Skinner: Advice I Cannot Accept

    Advice on best trainer practices heard over the years from my colleagues: Control your online content. Censor what you say. Don’t ever, ever come across like you don’t know something. I tried this for a while, and felt insincere and cheap. As my students ran […]

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