Sugar Pills and Nonsense

Permit me a few peeves: 1. It’s that time of year. Like clockwork, scheduled with the turning of the leaves, I received two catalogs highlighting horse blankets this week. There were Easy Motion blankets, High Neck blankets, heavy-duty blankets, fleece-y blankets. red, blue, plaid, and […]

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  • Riding without Recipes

    Editor’s Note: Amy Skinner is a regular guest columnist and has been a horse gal since age six. She will present with fellow trainer and rider, Katrin Silva, at the Best Horse Practices Summit. Skinner rides and teaches dressage and Western. Skinner has studied at […]

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  • Mesa Verde Horses Update

    This week, we hear from the good folks at the Colorado branch of the National Mustang Association. The group has been intensely dedicated to helping the wild horses at Mesa Verde National Park. Writes the NMACO: For several years, we have lobbied Mesa Verde National […]

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