Darn Tough suits us

grumpyI remember our laundry room way back when. On its wall hung sock stretchers, metal frames to stretch out ragg wool socks. One errant toss in the dryer and those socks were goners. Shrunk beyond use.

The special care seemed like a big hassle for socks that made you itch like heck and looked like sockland’s version of Grumpy Old Men.

I grew up. And I gravitated back to wool.

Thankfully, I found a kinder, prettier sock from Darn Tough.
I’d been wearing other brands for years, but their socks tend to wear out at the heels and their fanciful patterns compromise durability.

With Darn Tough, pretty socks last.

IMG_0007Horse work means being outside a lot.

  • It could be in the saddle.
  • Or shin-deep in mud and snow.
  • Or in muggy, 90-degree heat.

Makes no difference with these wonders.

  • They last.
  • They look good.
  • They don’t make my feet sweat.
  • They keep my toes toasty.

A lot of research goes into sock making. Who knew 1,440 stitches could be packed into each square inch of sock?
And a lot of resourcefulness, creativity and tenacity go into not manufacturing in China or wherever. All Darn Tough socks are made right in Northfield, Vermont. Read more about our featured products, sponsors, and partnerships.

All this makes the socks Darn Attractive. Literally and figuratively.
Check out Darn Tough’s news page here or their sock selection here.

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