DIY Dry Lot

With guidance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (an agency of the Department of Agriculture charged with helping farmers and ranchers to optimize pasture health, among other missions), I’m building a dry lot. A dry lot is a space in which horses can move freely, […]

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  • DIY Saddle Racks

    This easy DIY comes from the folks at the Internet Hay Exchange.  Materials lists: Scrap piece of 2×4 lumber between 18 and 24 inches in length #2 Eye Bolt (eye hole is about one inch in diameter) Four-inch Rope Hook Tool list: Philips Screw Driver […]

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  • DIY Projects

    Years ago, I sold my round pen (16 six-foot-high, heavy gauge panels, weighing about 90 pounds each) to a woman from Downeast Maine. She brought her flatbed trailer and the two of us loaded them. Twenty minutes and done. She cinched them down with ratchet […]

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