Stretch That Dog makes us better dog owners

Dr. Petra Sullwold, a Best Horse Practices Summit sponsor and owner of six equines, dedicates her days to serving horses, dogs, and humans with her chiropractic services. She has worked on me as well as my mule, Jolene. We are better off for her attentive, […]

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  • Winter Blues? Go Purple

    Daily dresser dilemma for us winter horsewomen: Pick items of clothing that are warm, work hard, go with most anything, are easily cared for, and look great when you’re finished with the horses and need to head to town. Sweatshirts are sloppy. Jean jackets and […]

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  • Jeanette’s Journey, VI: Death Valley

    Editor’s Note:  In the sixth installment of a multi-part series, we hear from Jeanette Hayhurst, a long-time and avid horsewoman from Barstow, California. Like many of us, she has continued to connect with horses, even when her age and physical limitations kept her from doing […]

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