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Aside from the new products and accompanying discounts offered here, we want to share favorite items for this year’s riding season. Here goes:

Patagonia’s Nano Air Light Hybrid jacket – amazingly warm and cozy while light and technically designed for free movement. It’s a great layer under another jacket or vest, or perfect for a spring/summer jacket on its own.

Amy Skinner sports the Patagonia Ranch Jacket

We can’t say enough about the company’s Ranch Jacket, made of hemp, with a short hem that won’t catch on your cantle and a nice, big zipper that zips with gloves. A soft and already-broken-in feel.

Like all of its products, Duckworth’s Polaris Hooded Henley is worth the investment. Pricey, yes. But these sheep-to-shelf USA products last for years and keep you warm and cool, depending on the day. Excellent gear for horse riders and owners.

Hoka running shoes. On the podcast and elsewhere, we have stressed the need to get fit and stay fit for our equine partners. It’s good for them and essential for us. To that end, we love gear that helps us with our exercise endeavors. Check out Hoka’s huge inventory of running shoe options, for the road, for the trail. They’re equally impressive for slow and low mileage runners like me or high caliber and high mileage folks like Jec Ballou and Katrin Silva.

Honey Stinger – sure, the waffle treats are great, but we particularly love the Energy Chews. Try the Pink Lemonade or Pomegranate Passion Fruit for a burst of energy to get the chores done or the final mile home.

Relax. You’ve worked hard today. Chill Angel loungewear and sleepwear is a bit like that warm, lavender, Epsom-salt bath. Soothing comfort for those tired muscles and bones. Use Cayuse20 for 20 percent off your order.

Odds and Ends:

Kershaw’s Onion collection, including the Scallion and the Leek, are our top picks for pocket knives.

We’re digging the new, affordable line of sunglasses from Optic Nerve, made especially with the outdoors and activity in mind.

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