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Thanks for checking out brands we’re working with this year, including Chill Angel, based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and Duckworth, based in Bozeman, Montana. Two companies working sustainably while making high quality wool clothing. At Chill Angel, use Cayuse20 for 20 percent off your order.

Also, we’re quite fond of Hoka, which makes the best trail running shoes, and beautiful, hand-crafted Helle Knives, for your glamping and horse camping needs.

Looking for discounts?

Try Bobo’s bars. Yummy combinations like peanut chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed, peach oatmeal. Bobo’s has protein bars and bars dipped in chocolate. All made in Colorado. Gluten free and non GMO. Use “BesthorseVIP” at check out for 20 percent off.

At Zealios, use “besthorsepractices” for 20 percent off your order.

Zealios Travel Pack

Here’s what Jec has to say about Zealios:

Since all of my passions involve being under the hot California sun, I’d been on the hunt for quality sunscreen for a couple of years. I tried numerous brands and found most of them to be either chalky and gross on my skin or filled with chemicals and scary ingredients. I finally discovered Zealios through my running team a few years ago.

I was drawn to the brand because of its proven record with high caliber outdoor athletes. It is also not filled with scary ingredients AND it allows my skin to breathe, so there’s none of that gross sweaty feeling after applying it to your face. I’ve been a loyal user for 3 years now; I use it daily for my running, gravel biking, and horse activities.

Don’t forget to check out Chill Angel for delightful, superfine merino wool clothes for apres barn, apres riding, and sleepytime. Their nighties and loungewear are outstanding for temperature regulation (read: great for any of us working through hot flashes or just plain ol’ staying-warm/staying cool struggles). Use Cayuse20 for 20 percent off your order.

Needing a Jackie O look? We love the Asana sunglasses by Optic Nerve. Can glam and affordable coexist? Yes, $59.

If you’re looking for a more affordable and practical knife selection, check out the new Rate by Kershaw. Tiny, handy, and a tiny price. Or, check out Kershaw’s Ken Onion-designed knives. These have been Cayuse favorites for years!

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  1. Hi, Maddy and Jec. Love your podcasts though I often have to repeat them since I often listen when I’m in bed. I’ve been introduced to a number of horsemen I now follow. One person I think would be great to interview is Lee McLean ((Keystone Equine), whose posts I enjoy on a daily basis. She combines a deep knowledge of western riding, sidesaddle, dressage and a refreshing personal style of honest self-evaluation. She’s wise, kind, funny and real – someone I’d love to buy a well-trained pony from if I were younger.

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