Dr. J’s New Book is a Maine Mystery

Just how would two veteran veterinarians take on the challenging task of crafting their first novel?

By drawing on their experiences with animals and people, of course!

I enjoyed the latest book from Drs. Dave Jefferson and John Hunt, a fun collaboration which has already produced The Dog and Pony Show, a non-fiction title released last year, and now has sprouted Animals in Danger. It’s the first Tides Harbor mystery, as revealed by the main protagonists, vets Bob Smiley and Charlie Harrison. Jefferson said he and his writing compadre, Hunt, will be developing this project as a  series.

The action begins and stays at a fictional coastal town in Maine: imagine a small Damariscotta or a Cundy’s Harbor, with lots of characters and animals whirling in overlapping circles of happenstance and intrigue.

In Animals in Danger, Jefferson and Hunt like to educate readers and do so with smart conversation between the two fictional vets (one small animal, one large animal), between vet and client, and, as bad actions unfold, those educational conversations spread to law enforcement, especially animal control officers.

Who knew you could learn about colic, forage, best practices around horse management, dairy cattle welfare, and cat-related science from a Maine mystery?

Interwoven through the narrative, is the development of characters and the entertaining antics of Jack, a donut-loving Australian Shepherd owned by Dr. Smiley.

Lining up your spring break or summer reading list? Add Animals in Danger. Read a sample chapter and order it from Amazon here.

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