New Kimes Jean Habit Well Worth It

Some say humans are nothing more than their habits. That’s especially true when we try to make healthy diet and exercise changes. Nearly everyone I interviewed for our Focus on Fitness articles said success came only after many failures and near misses. Once habits get […]

These Jeans Tell a Story

I may be crazy, but I’m not the one who quit my job on Wednesday and started an apparel company on Friday. That distinction goes to Matt and Amanda Kimes, co-founders of Kimes Ranch Jeans, a fast-growing Western apparel company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Not […]

The Clothes Horse: English Casual

Welcome to the Clothes Horse! It’s  our regular feature with posts by and for fashion-conscious riders. Here we discuss the decisions, merits, and enthusiasms behind riders’ wardrobe choices. Ashley Hutchinson Lombard spends most of her waking hours in barns and on horseback. The 31-year old, […]

Welcome Denim Express

We welcome Denim Express to our fantastic family of partners and advertisers! Finding quality jeans is becoming as challenging as chipping frozen, cemented manure out of stalls and paddocks. The days of grabbing your favorite style off the rack at your Main Street store are […]

From farm to fashion: Meet Cheri Sanguinetti

Excuse the stereotypes for this one, please: Lots of girls grow up wanting to design clothes. Like boys and their dreams of becoming professional athletes, most of those girls end up doing something more humble and ordinary. Of those who do enter the fashion industry, […]

Hi. I’m Calling about Your Horse.

Most writers are readers. While writing is their occupation, reading is one of their passions. I’m no exception. When contests surface, I get excited at the prospect of entering but also of reading all the other submissions. Such is the case with National Public Radio’s […]