Dogs and Horses Go Together

Tis the season for polls and surveys. Take a quick one – how many of your horse-owning friends also have dogs? I’m betting nearly all of them do. Woof and Hoof. Bark and Buck. Dogs and horses go together. But how many have dogs that […]

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Horse Health on Maine’s Mind

Most horse owners are learn-a-holics. They’re interested in improving their horses’ lives. Often it involves the horse and rider partnership. But sometimes the best learning investment can be straight-up science and equine health. The University of Maine is offering what looks to be an excellent […]

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Welcome NickerNews readers

Welcome to the new NickerNews blog! According to our analytics, the blog has become the most popular element of NickerNews. And yet, over the years, the rate of comment spamming has increased to distasteful levels. On top of that, the comment registration is a pain. […]

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