Problem Solved: Case Equestrian Knife

This week we hear from incoming Best Horse Practices Summit board member and trade show manager, Julie Kenney.

Julie lives and rides in Harpswell, Maine, where she maintains Blackberry Farm. She reviews the Equestrian Knife from Case, a storied knife-making company founded by four brothers in 1889 and now based in Pennsylvania.

Kenney writes:

With pure excitement, I opened my box containing a new Equestrian’s knife from Case. My first thought was that this knife is beautiful. It is well crafted with a nice weight that sits comfortably in my hand.

The knife is also unique. In addition to having a versatile clip blade for cutting baling twine or rope, it also has a hoof pick built into it.

Some positives after carrying and using the knife:

  • Gorgeous craftsmanship
  • Good weight so you don’t forget it’s in your pocket
  • Comfortable grip when open or closed
  • Hoof pick built in
  • Easy open/close of clip blade and pick

There are just a few changes I would make, if I could:

  • I would prefer a pocket clip to hold it in place
  • I would also prefer the hoof pick flip-out to be shorter in length

Overall, this Case knife is well worth carrying for horse folks. It will be a standard take-along on my trail rides. Even though I’d prefer a shorter hoof pick length, it is extremely handy to have on you when you need it. I might opt for the Case Trapper Sheath. At less than ten bucks, this leather accessory for one’s belt would be an option for having the knife close at hand. Or, I can pack it in my saddle bag on those longer trail rides.


Photo by Zach Rhoades

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  1. HIi, are you positive that the Trapper sheath fits this Equation knife? I own this knife, but definitely miss a sheath. I have tried to get a recommendation of a suitable sheath from Case , but without any luck so far . Ordering from abroad does not open up for much trial and error,, so a confirmed recommendation would be very helpful ,, 😉

    Geir, Norway

    • Geir, on the Case website, the Equestrian knife is described as being built on a Trapper. This knife is listed at 4.13 inches closed and the Trapper case holds a 5 inch knife. Between those two items of description, I concluded that this Equestrian knife would fit in a Trapper sheath. Hopefully, Case can confirm for you. The knife is absolutely gorgeous and well-made. Good luck!

  2. Hi again, I finally also got a reply from Case saying ther Trapper sheath should theoretically fit. My concern was not the length of the knife, but the additional bulk of the hoof pick on the side of the knife possibly making the sheath too tight. So, living a wild and irresponsible life, I figured I needed to find out and ordered a Trapper sheath for my knife from across the globe. Well, it came out beautifully. The Trapper sheath is a bit tight, but it works out with leather conditioner to soften it somewhat. And with this Trapper sheath my knife turns into a really handy tool at hand, rather than a fairly bulky item in my pocket : Highly recommended for a beautiful and razor blade sharp knife! Thanks for your helpfullness! ?

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