Darn Tough is horse-gal friendly

When I was a kid, wool socks were those thick, bulky things you wore in the winter. You wore them skiing. You wore them to and from pond skating. You wore them underneath your thick, bulky boots while shoveling snow.

All so yesterday. All so lumberjack.

darn toughWool socks are now worn all day, every day. And thanks to Darn Tough, an American company based in Northfield, Vermont, today’s socks are versatile, stylish, and particularly female-friendly. We loved them so much, they were featured at our Equine Affaire booth.

Darn Tough might be the perfect horse gals’ sock: they can be sassy or straight-laced. They work brilliantly with tall English boots or cowboy boots, which means there will be no yanking off boots to hoist up slouching socks. Nor will you be kicking off your boots because your feet are roasting, sweaty, or frozen with cold sweat. Read this review.

I visited with the Darn Tough at the Outdoor Retailer. They are decidedly one of those companies not ignoring this vast, fantastic community of horse owners.

I tried the new Wandering Stripe Micro Crew  in grey, yellow and lavender. While only reaching to low-calf, it nonetheless stayed put during an entire day in boots. Here in the mountains (7,000 feet elevation), days start in IMG_3469the 40s and can swell to 90 degrees or so. That means the Darn Toughs do double duty: keeping my feet warm, then keeping them cool. When I finally kicked off my boots around 8 pm, the Darn Toughs did double duty again: I scuffed around shoeless for an hour before taking them off.

That was when the trouble began. It seems I’m not the only one in love with these socks. The new puppy, Monty, thought they were pretty great, too.

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