Fringe Benefit

Like a window-shopper getting drawn into a favorite store, I couldn’t help myself when it came to Fringe, Kathleen Threlfall’s western wear and leather business. Read more about her here.

Her handsome work and prized references from experts convinced me that lone pair of hand-me-down armitas in my closet needed a new friend.

I started by following her measurement guidelines.

The task goes way beyond simple waist and inseam stuff.  There are 10 measurements for custom leggings. Threlfall makes unique patterns for all her customers.

Next, I related my idea for the perfect pair:

  • Light in color
  • Plenty of fringe
  • Buckles (not step-in, zips, or leather buttons)
  • Belt in the back
  • Glove-soft leather

The 24-year old Canadian made several thoughtful suggestions and listened to my needs and wants. She even checked out riding photos, noting that I’d need a mecate- or third-rein loop.

I asked her to take notes and images as she progressed. Check ‘em out.

Make sure to PAUSE the video to read her excellent comments.

Next week, we’ll take them for a test-ride.

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