Get Smart. Get Tan!

It’s going to be cold and dark in a few months. These delightful, crisp, and sunny riding days will be a murky memory as you bundle into seven layers to toss hay and rub frosty noses with your equines.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.42.30 AMWhy not give your mind and body a break with an escape to Costa Rica? Assuage your guilt by simultaneously improving your horsemanship and the connection with your equine partner.

Get smart. Get tan. Get warm at the Evidence-Based Horsemanship seminar, hosted by Equisol Retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Dr. Steve Peters and Martin Black, co-authors of Evidence-Based Horsemanship, will join a limited number of attendees at the January 17-24 event. Check out one element of EBH here.

“Equisol offers week-long holistic yoga and horsemanship retreats that feature luxury accommodations, delicious and healthy cuisine, yoga classes, relaxing massage offerings, and truly amazing beach and jungle trail riding. Add Martin and Dr. Peters to the mix for daily 1Evidence-Based Horsemanship seminars, horsemanship discussion and roping lessons, and you have the opportunity to relax and learn! Each guest will be paired with one of Equisol’s charismatic Costa Rican horses, so both horse and rider will have a chance to bond and learn together over the course of the week,” said the EBH press release.

A typical day: Roll out of your luxurious bed, enjoy a leisurely brunch, then take in a one-hour presentation on equine brain function, followed by lunch, then an ocean-front trail ride before it’s time to get cleaned up for dinner. Or, you might choose to have a roping lesson with Martin after lunch, try out a little yoga, or catch a nap by the pool. All-included.

Prices range from $2550 – $3300 per person and includes daily seminars scpwith Black and Peters, roping lessons, trail riding, seven nights of accommodations, and all meals. Includes transportation once in Costa Rica, but does not include airfare.

Click here for more information and to register. Limited availability for this tropical seminar.

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  1. I would love to ride horses on the beach and in the jungle. Sounds very interesting to learn about equine brain function and roping too.

    Can you save that chaise lounge and pool spot for me?

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