A Mood, a Hat, and Gratitude

Out with Barry

Editor’s Note: Ideally, as publisher of a weekly newsletter and a family of websites, I’d be an extrovert and a lover laptop time. Truth be told, though, my relationship with the Internet is a tad sad. I’m mostly disengaged with platforms like Facebook because, at the end of the day, it just doesn’t make me feel good. What I love most – and I’m guessing you do, too! – is time outside and with four-legged friends.

That being said, I do have an Instagram account, where I post pictures. What follows is something shared last month. A bit raw and reflective, perhaps. But, heck, I think it’s okay to roll over, show your belly, and be vulnerable sometimes. As someone who occasionally finds comfort in messages shared, maybe I can return the favor in some random fashion.

Perhaps I’ll see you online. I love hearing from readers and listeners. You can contact me and other Cayuse writers here. If not, enjoy getting out and enjoy your critters.

— Maddy Butcher

Rejection, in a relationship or a work thing or what have you, is a pretty sucky deal. Negative emotions pop to the fore pretty quick. Frustration, resentment, sadness.

So you grab your horse to head out into the evening. Except your horse scoots through the gate and then decides he doesn’t like your hat. Like, really doesn’t like your hat.
‘Course it’s not the dang hat. It’s the bad juju you brought to the paddock. So rather than jerk the line another time, you apologize, take a breath, and thank him for the check.

Since you started off wrong-footed, you get to spend most of the ride reassuring him that you are not a total jerk and that you really do work well together, up hills, through brush, across ledge. Gradually, he might come around to agree, but letting him pause and graze still seems as though he is doing you a favor.

Thanks, Barry, I’m grateful.

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