Great sharing features for rides and riders

imageAs summer wraps up, the time is ripe for celebrating the season’s great rides, checking off some from the To Do list and make plans for bigger and better ones.

Redmond Equine has a great way to share and get inspired with their new FaveRide feature:

Simply upload your favorite ride (making sure to include your horse’s ears in the photo) and your location.

Make sure to check out the map to see the growing number of destinations. Start here.

I uploaded three images – one from the Oquirrh Mountains in Utah, one from the fields of Iowa, and one from Acadia National Park in Maine.

sign copyAnother great sharing feature is right here on NickerNews. It’s Bucket Lists. You can upload items on your Bucket List and return as you make progress.

Check out other Bucket Listers and share.

Read more and watch video here!bkt

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