Horse-related Spring To-Do’s

Regular deliveries of fly predators will help fly control immensely

In some parts of our horsey world, spring has sprung. Trail riding season is coming and it pays to formulate a spring To Do list and tackle it before the season is upon us. Here are some preliminary suggestions:

     1. Consider flies before they show up.

I’ve been using Spalding Labs’ predator flies for the past several years. Their strategy is simple: introduce tiny flies that prey on what us horses and humans consider pesky and irritating flies. It has been incredibly effective; I bought just one bottle of fly repellant last year and didn’t even use all of it.

But here’s the thing: you’ve got to plan ahead. Order now and you will receive your first shipment in May (or earlier, depending on where you live). The proof is in the flies. These little guys will make your summer days exponentially more enjoyable.

    2. Trailer Tune Up and Safety

Before you load up your equine partner for a fun outing, make sure the carrier of your precious cargo is safe. Ignoring routine maintenance has been known to end tragically. Don’t think that you can just pull it out, hook it up, and take off on your merry way.

Bobby Fantarella, owner of Elm City Trailers, provides us with not just trailers but excellent trailer safety tips. Read more here.

3.Check and reboot your first aid kit.

Many first aid kit ingredients can go bad over time, especially if they have been frozen or subjected to a wide range of ambient temperatures. You can make up your own or order them.

Here is our check list for what to have for your horses.

Check out Adventure Medical for some excellent human and Me and My Dog kits.

4. Consider Wellness Plans

Invest now, benefit throughout the year. Third Coast Equine has Wellness Plans that can help with planning and optimizing your wallet and your horses’ health.

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