John Saint Ryan Clinic in Dolores

John Saint Ryan, a talented California horseman, will visit to give a weekend clinic in Dolores, Colorado, August 25 and 26.

Saint Ryan has worked with Tom Dorrance and classical masters. He also studies work from the International Society of Equitation Science. At this rare Colorado clinic, he welcomes horses of all breeds and riders of all disciplines.

“Let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves,” said Saint Ryan recently. “When you finish your ride and get down from the saddle, it isn’t the people who watched you ride or the officials at some event who have the right to judge you. The real thing that matters, the true judge of your ability as a horseman is standing next to you. It is the horse who will tell you by his expression, his body, and the look in his eye if you helped him, if you showed him how he can be better and if you have a partner in this dance. ”

“Saint Ryan has a no-drama, no-trauma reputation at his clinics. You will find lots of fun and amazing results in connecting and communicating with your horse, regardless of your ability and discipline,” said host Ginny Elder.

Two-day clinic: $350, includes Saturday evening BBQ.

Auditors, $40 per day. $25 partial day.

Private lessons are available on August 28 and 29. $100.

To register and for more information:

Contact Ginny Elder: [email protected] or phone¬†¬†(480) 225-2522

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