Kyla Strange

Canadian horsewoman Kyla Strange has restarted her Khas T’an Horsemanship work and is excited to be offering a range of horsemanship services in and around the traditional territory of the Wolastoqey First Nation (Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada).

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  • Are you looking to participate in a focused educational environment?
  • Would you like to try horse work in a natural and positive way that focuses on long-term commitment and practice?

For Riders:

Humans benefit greatly by learning horse psychology and behaviour on a deeper level. Our horses are a great medium for us to learn more about ourselves and develop and grow as individuals. They mirror our best and worst qualities and can help us have a greater understanding of ourselves and help us grow in our life journey.

Whether you are new to horses or you have been around horses for most of your life, Khas T’an Horsemanship caters to your learning needs in a way that is safe and fun for you and your horse.  We guarantee you a memorable experience that will open your heart and mind in a positive and innovative learning environment.

For Horses:

When horses are misunderstood, issues may develop that owners may not have the time or skills to address themselves. Khas T’an Horsemanship takes pride in assessing each horse as an individual and breaking down barriers that may inhibit them from performing optimally with their owners.

Khas T’an’s philosophy is a ‘Horse First’ philosophy. Kyla considers horses in a way that prioritizes their overall dignity and instincts. Upon arrival, through discussions with owners and initial analysis and behavioural pattern assessment, each individual horse is worked within their unique capacity. Kyla develops the horse’s strengths while also pushing their boundaries. She works with the horses’ natural needs to achieve results without fear, force, or intimidation.

Open your Heart and Mind to the Horse!

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