A Triple Warm Sweatshirt

The Mountain Classic Down Pullover from LL Bean.

For horse owners, range of motion needs don’t stop when it gets cold. We are still tossing hay, hauling water, and mucking manure – all movements that demand strength, stretch, and up/down/sideways action.

We also need any outer garment to be made of tough, rip-resistant material that sheds horse hair, dirt, hay, shavings, etc.

Oh, and it has to look good. Because after barn chores, we are not likely to change into something different for town errands.

Meet LL Bean’s Mountain Classic Down Pullover.

I’ve worn it in snowy and sloppy conditions ranging from 10 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It fits like a light sweatshirt but provides triple the warmth. Delightful!

I love the outer fabric, a thicker, tougher layer than most shells in this category. It features 100 percent recycled polyester and is welcomingly reinforced from lower wrist to elbow. It sheds snow, rain and the aforementioned horse trappings well.

The inner down fibers, called Down Tek, are treated to repel moisture and seem as warm as thicker, more expensive down jackets.

Some more pros:

  • Love the snug, cozy hood
  • Love the handwarming pocket with snaps to keep out hay, etc.
  • Love the rich maroon color (listed as Black Plum) and the feel of the jacket
  • Love the trim sweatshirt style

Some cons:

  • It’s slightly harder to put on and off, given the side half zip.
  • Half zip doesn’t lock down, so during vigorous movement it can become slightly unzipped.
  • If you forget to snap the front pocket, hay will get inside and the liner material is ‘hay-sticky’


Also comes in green and black

Check out your options and read reviews here.


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