Making Black Friday Matter

As you, Dear Readers, know, here at Cayuse Communications we’re not much into the selly-sell. Sure, we have a growing library of great books. But beyond that, we’d rather share the love and point readers to gear, products, and services we respect and admire. We like to share the good works of specific businesses and send our followers their way.

Why do we love them?

Often they are:

  • Small or regional
  • Women-led
  • Focused on the horses’ best interest
  • Great at customer service

Here are some of fine companies who are running Black Friday or other holiday-related sales:

Redmond Equine has fantastic discounts on rocks and pastes. Get a ballcap, too!

On Wednesday, November 25, Bronwen Jewelry has 25 percent off as part of its Women Led Wednesday collaboration. (Apologies for those reading this after Wednesday. Sign up for their newsletter and still get a discount.)

Yummy and on sale

Use “Gift30” and get 30 percent off all Kate’s Real Food bars. Can’t wait to try their new Dark Chocolate Mint bar!

Nomadix, the innovative towel company, is giving away a Do Anything towel (perfect for horse chores) with every order over 60 bucks. Learn more.

Patagonia WorkWear has been a generous sponsor of our new podcast, Best Horse Practices with Jec Ballou. Check out the contest for a WorkWear vest.

Are you the first up? Our friends at Alpine Start have instant coffee that actually tastes good. Two cups for two bucks. Learn more.

Looking for an escape? Hit the sofa and dig into the Allison Coil mystery series. Author Mark Stevens knows horsewomen! Check out the series.

Allison Coil. the horse-y protagonist in Mark Stevens’ mystery series





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