Midsummer Reviews

After our trip to the Outdoor Retailer last month, we are eager to share some thoughts on products that turned out heads. Check them out:

Handful – this up-and-coming sports bra company has bras for big and little chested women. The styles and colors are snazzy. We tried the FaV bra in Marbelous. Loving the plunging-V design and the teardrop back. Plus, the colorful print fabric and liner mean there is no nipple self-consciousness. Go shirtless!

BruTrek – Finally! We found the very best, sleek, most reliable, enjoyable French press out there. It’s from the good folks at Planetary Design, based in Missoula, Montana.

Horse riders heading out for a weekend or week of glamping this time of year will find that the Camp Coffee Kit is a perfect addition to your camping box or wanigan. The kit comes with a French press, two adorable coffee mugs, a stainless steel container for fresh coffee, and a handy, handsome scoop. Of course, this set is equally perfect for at-home mornings. Get the ‘red rock’ color and jazz up your morning routine.

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Duckworth’s Vapor tee

Duckworth – Years ago, I learned that wool was not just for winter. Tom Chappell founded Ramblers Way and I was a quick convert. The problem, though, was that Ramblers clothing was not particularly attractive or colorful. Enter Duckworth, which makes wool clothing in with Montana wool. The company does sheep-to-shelf, with the entire process all American, from shearing to stitching.

T-shirts come and go, but not Duckworth tees. The Vapor tee and Vapor v-neck tee I purchased years ago are still a vibrant medium green, holding shape, durable, and attractive. Oh, and yes, to the odor-deterring nature of wool. The shirts, like fine merino nightshirts from Chill Angel, keep you cool when you’re on the verge of overheating and warm when you are debating whether to grab another layer around the campfire. Treat yourself! They’re well worth the investment.

To put it simply, the Colorado-based company Nite Ize makes all kinds of gizmos. Other companies may do the same, but Nite Ize products are more fun and useful. Plus, the customer service is superior. Call ’em up and they will solve your problem.

BugLit is just one of many Nite Ize items we are enjoying.

We particularly like the rechargeable pet options and wrote about them here. If you exercise your dogs after dark and off leash, the necklaces are a great way to keep track of them, instead of yelling, “Spot! Barney! Spot! Barney! Spot!” when they are just 50 feet away.

Another illuminating and rechargeable accessory we found delightful (hehe) is the BugLit Micro Flashlight. Use it for reading, or night checks, or while inspecting a wound dressing after sundown. It’s versatile and fun!


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