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We’ve been working hard on developments for the Best Horse Practices Summit. In particular, we’re excited at the prospect of a new website, to be designed by TJ Zark of the brand and design company, Hello Zark.

By March, the website will be live and BHPS attendees will have full, free access to all 2017 presentations.

Check out these teasers by clicking here:

  • Dr. Gerd Heuschmann
  • Randy Rieman & Bryan Neubert
  • Dr. Sheryl King

Read more about 2018 presenters here.

We’re also pleased to once again affiliate with Thrivent Financial.

Are you a Thrivent Financial client or do you know someone who is?

Please share this link and direct Choice dollars to the BHP Summit.

Our 2018 academic and arena presentations will again be inspirational and informative:

We’re producing two great arena sessions to show, compare, and contrast Western and dressage techniques with both finished as well as less experienced horses.

We’re also going to offer a session highlighting the brain science behind working with a new horse in the round pen.

Other bits:

Yummy instant coffee. Who knew there was such a thing?

When we toured the Outdoor Retailer in Denver, we sampled Alpine Start. It’s an instant coffee produced by a new Colorado company. As someone who’s tasted many instant coffees, including Starbucks’ VIA, I can whole-heartedly say that Alpine Start is wwaayyy better. It also blends well regardless of the water temperature. Just as yummy cold as it is hot.

Check out Alpine Start here.

Coming soon, we review the Cotopaxi Libre sweater, made entirely of llama by folks in Bolivia. And we thought no one made cool sweaters anymore.

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