Outside Circle Show debuts Ranch Roping & Music Event

The Outside Circle Show is a group, a state of mind, and an event that Cayuse Communications have been following for years. Read more here.

This May, it’s putting on its first annual Outside Circle Show Ranch Roping event, 5/28-5/31 in Creede, Colorado, drawing an audience of working cowboys, horsemen and women, and music lovers from across the United States and beyond.

Musical line-up includes musicians from ranching families and ranching backgrounds as well as musicians currently working in the ranching sector, with noteworthy names on the bill such as: the Carlos Medina Trio, Kenny Fielder and the Cowboy Killers, and Colter Wall.

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Here’s an update from co-organizer, Nicole Grady:

It’s been a lil’ while and we’ve grown a lil’ bit, so we figured we would introduce ourselves again and maybe explain what we do:

Justin, calf, and company

A little bit rowdy, a little bit raw, but always real—the Outside Circle Show is Justin Reichert’s brain child, and was originally founded as an answer to a lack of authenticity and outright financial inaccessibility that was permeating cowboy music, particularly within the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada.

Justin roped Nicole Grady into this deal a little over four years ago, and they work together to continue the growth of the effort.

Justin has been a cowboy his whole life, and as a cowboy musician he has sought to bring together extremely talented artists who are direct products of ranching and cowboy families, have worked in the sector, are actively working in the sector now, or any combination of the above.

Each year we host a free show in Elko to honor the hardworking ranch families that bust their chops to feed our nation. Ranching and cowboying families are not typically particularly affluent, and we host an online auction each year that funds the production of the show so that cowboys, cowboygirls, and cowboying families can enjoy a weekend of fun and celebration of cowboy culture without breaking the bank.

Colter Wall at the OCS in Elko

Some of the artists associated with the show are very well known, and some have not yet even released an album, but they share the stage like family. There are no divas, there are no superiority complexes, and we are very particular about the personality types who share the stage—the humility and inclusiveness of each individual involved is not only what makes this group so uniquely special, it’s also what keeps us moving forward and freshly inspired.

We are cowboys making music for cowboys, and we love what we do. We appreciate those who have been with us for years, and we welcome those of you who have just joined us recently. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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