Pony’s Rep Intact

byronThe darling pony, Peppermint, treats every new enclosure as a formal challenge. Her escape antics and subsequent escapades could make up an entire NickerNews category. Read Pep’s stories.

Pep, meet Bryon.

Byron Harward is the kind, generous host at West Field’s Ranch in Payson, Utah, where our six horses have taken up temporary residence. Byron takes pride in his digs and rightly so. His facility is horse- and owner-friendly, designed for efficiency and minimal fuss.
Mr. Harward is especially proud of his locks, a feature he developed himself.

Byron, meet Pep.

The pony must have sensed a weakness in the welding and cleverly applied hind quarters with an equal dose of lip maneuvering to bust loose.
Harward said she didn’t go far. (Interestingly, her paddock mate, Jolene, stayed put, even with the gate open. Read more about the mule here.)

He rounded Pep up without incident and reinforced the gate especially for her.
I think she must have said to Byron (as she’s told me many times):

It’s all good.

Proved you wrong.

Mission Accomplished.

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