Ride With Feel is Here!

This week, we celebrate the release of Katrin Silva’s new book: Ride with Feel: A Guide for the Rest of Us.

Kudos to Katrin on a job well done! If you’re in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area, make sure to stop by for a barn courtyard party to celebrate this publishing milestone at Thal Equine, 69 Bonanza Creek Road. 4pm, September 16. Git yerself an autographed copy while you’re there!

About Ride with Feel:

Riding with feel is an essential component of all good horsemanship, but learning to ride with feel can sound like a daunting ambition. Many riders believe that feel is something a few talented horsemen and horsewomen were born with, while the rest learn to make do without it. 

This is a story told so many times by so many people that it sounds true. It isn’t. Feel is something anyone can develop. When we spend enough time with horses, in the right kind of conditions, in the right frame of mind, with the right kind of guidance from the right kind of teacher, we can learn feel. I did. You can, too. The suggestions and exercises in this book will help guide you toward becoming a rider with feel.

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Early Takes on Ride with Feel:
  • Katrin provides a clear, much needed understanding of what feel is and how to achieve it. In down-to-earth passages, she paints a picture of a real relationship for riders to aspire to. Her understanding of classical riding is evident without being intimidating. This is a must-read for everyone who hopes to achieve a partnership with their horse. Amy Skinner
  • Write a book about FEEL? Isn’t that like jumping rope, playing chess, searching for the Holy Grail all at once? So many angles and considerations. So much history and information. And yet, Katrin succeeds with aplomb. This is a wonderfully demystifying and practical book. Pick it up and enjoy her expertise and perspectives. You won’t be disappointed. Hats off to Katrin for accomplishing this daunting task. Maddy Butcher

Order your copy now.

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